Social Media Spring Clean

Social Media Spring Clean

Are your corporate Social Media profiles in need of a spring clean?

Social Media platforms are a great place to engage with potential clients, but since you first set up your initial profiles,


  • Have you properly updated them?


  • Is your corporate profile consistent across each platform?


 Here is a simple checklist to follow, to help you tidy up your social feeds:


  1. Audit your profiles – What platforms do you and your audience actually use regularly? Discard excess profiles that simply are not right for you or your clients.  Be brutal here – it could save you a lot of time in the long run!


  1. Review Admin Settings – Across all your platforms, ensure that only the selected and approved staff can make updates and post content on your behalf. Ensure they comply with your Social Media Policy.  If it’s been a while since you last changed your passwords, reset them all, especially if it’s a shared password and there have been staff changes.


  1. Check Image Sizes – A simple and quick check but worth ensuring your image sizes comply with the requirements for each specific platform.


  1. Brand Consistency – Ensure your images, ‘voice’ and handles (eg. @kgmarketingltd) are consistent across all channels.


  1. Update Bio & Contact Details – Ensure these are all fully up to date and consistent.


  1. SEO Keywords – Ensure your company’s SEO keywords appear in your social profiles.


  1. Links To Other Profiles – Ensure all your social profiles link to each other, that they are easy to find and in a prominent position on your Homepage.


  1. Respond to Messages – You ideally need to be checking all your platforms daily to ensure you respond to any comments / messages the same day. If profiles appear dormant, visitors soon loose interest and all the hard work in building them has been in vain.


  1. Post Consistently – Create a schedule so that you post consistently, using the same ‘voice’ on all platforms. This could be your company updates, links to blogs or relevant re-shares of others content.


  1. Use Visual Media – Wherever possible, use strong, relevant images or video. Visual media is proven to elicit more engagement than text only posts.


All the above can be easily achieved if you have the in-house resource for marketing.

If this isn’t your forte or you simply don’t have the time to devote to managing your social media presence, KG Marketing can help.


We work with many small local businesses from a variety of industry sectors and manage their social media marketing over a variety of platforms.  We offer flexible and tailored packages to suit all budgets.


To find out more, contact us at [email protected] or phone 07753 425412 for more information.





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