When Life Gives You Chopsticks

When Life Gives You Chopsticks

When Life Gives You Chopsticks

As many of us at this time, are rising to various challenges in aid of worthwhile charities, I accepted an invitation from a golfing friend.  It was to knit squares to be formed into blankets, with assistance from the Framework Knitters Company, for distribution to various homeless charities.

Being that I am not a knitter and had no equipment to hand, I eagerly ordered my wool and knitting needles, you-tubed some ‘how to’ videos and awaited delivery.  The bag of wool arrived a few days later, but no knitting needles!

Time ticked by and I was keen to get started, so I scoured the house for a suitable alternative, and settled on chopsticks!


  • Not ideal,
  • Not built for this purpose,
  • A bit cumbersome to use,
  • But, got the job done!


It got me thinking about how in business, we are all having to adapt the way we operate.

I have noticed many local businesses providing great inspiration by thinking of new ways to evolve and continue trading throughout the lockdown.


If you are able to do the same, here are some useful pointers:


  1. Be Delivery Friendly.

Making your business delivery-ready involves more than just arranging the logistics. Make sure the experience is as smooth as possible for potential buyers by walking through the steps they would take themselves; is your company simple to find online, is a delivery option easy to spot, are your products adapted to being sent, used or made at home? Once you’re happy with the process, you’re good to go.


  1. Seize Online Opportunities.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can explore ways to adapt what you offer into internet-friendly services.  Even if you are unable to physically sell your product / service online, you can still engage with your target audience through webinars, ‘how-to’ videos or shared experiences.



  1. Plan for the Future.

Preparing for the time when you can open your premises and get back to regular business again is a great way to use this period of uncertainty. To keep revenue coming in while you’re seeing fewer customers and, therefore, fewer sales, you can offer people the option to pay forward for certain services.

This can be in a simple format, by offering customers vouchers so they can support you now, but redeem for products or services in the future. Gift certificates are also a good option to advertise at this time.  Use social media and your existing customer network to create some buzz around the brighter days ahead.


  1. Connect Locally.

 Staying connected to your local community and supporting in whichever ways you can is essential during this challenging time. Not only does contributing to a combined effort really go a long way in helping vulnerable people, it can also provide a great support network for you and your business.

Research initiatives and publications that are sharing and highlighting how your local network is adapting during this time. You can then contribute by sharing how your business is acting, be it with new digital products and services, or by offering gift certificates and vouchers.

It’s also important to look into how you yourself can contribute, as well. Make sure you try to support fellow businesspeople in your area by shopping locally and promoting their businesses on your social channels, where possible.



So, hopefully you are managing to adapt and diversify during these strange times and continue trading, albeit in a reduced capacity. 


If any small business owners would value a fresh pair of eyes to review any communication strategies or test out some new ideas, I would be happy to listen and offer advice.


Just drop me an email at [email protected] and I will get in touch.



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