How To Create Seasonal Content

How To Create Seasonal Content

How to create successful content using seasonality.


Amidst the daily battle to get content noticed online, many businesses fail to pay attention to one key element…


We all understand that as a business, you need to constantly innovate new ways to communicate and connect with your audience, and this is where seasonal content can bring your business back into the spotlight.

Seasonal content marketing is a great way to add variety and capture (or recapture) your audience’s attention.

Seasonal trends can be both predictable and unpredictable…


Predictable Trends

  • Holidays – Christmas, New Year, Easter or locally based special days etc.
  • Common Annual Times – Back to school, the flu season, darker evenings, new years resolutions, Valentines Day, Easter etc.
  • Annual Events – Is there an event of significance within your industry? Does your target audience follow The Oscars / Glastonbury / Wimbledon etc.

These are referred to as predictable trends because you can plan for them as far as one year ahead. Here, you need to think about what your business offers that is relevant and could be tailored into valuable content.


Unpredictable Trends

Unpredictable trends are usually associated with current events or adverse weather. These are not always seasonal, but they do have their place in content strategies. If you are quick to catch them, something that is circulating in the news or public consciousness can easily be used as a launching point for new traffic.

Getting Your Timing Right

This is the hardest part of seasonality. With predictable trends that have an annual basis, the major benefit is the ability to look back at past years and see through tools such as Google Trends when it was that the interest started to peak.

Aim for launching your campaign right as the trend traditionally starts to rise. That helps you catch it just as it starts to gather interest and you can ride the wave through its peak. For most seasonal trends, this starts a couple weeks to a couple months before the event itself.


And Finally

Remember your “Why” and your business’s core values.

Remember how your business ultimately helps people, and send that same message in ways that fit in naturally with the sentiments of the season.

It’s not just about your products and services, but about connecting to the very real emotions and situations your audience experiences.

The season shouldn’t decide how your brand is portrayed. It should act as a vehicle to get your brand’s message out there in a different and unique way.


Match the season to your business, not your business to the season!

In other words, don’t let it take over your message.



All the above can be achieved if you have the in-house resource for marketing.

If this isn’t your forte or you simply don’t have the time to devote to managing your marketing activity, KG Marketing can help.

We work with many small local businesses from a variety of industry sectors and manage their content and general marketing over a variety of platforms.  We offer flexible and tailored packages to suit all budgets.


To find out more, contact us at [email protected] or phone 07753 425412 for more information.



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