Does Your Business Have A Social Media Policy?

Does Your Business Have A Social Media Policy?

Letting employees partake in social media activities can help boost their overall performance. According to these surprising statistics, 39% of employees believe that social media sites and tools can improve their productivity, while 30% associate social media use with increased job satisfaction.

It’s fairly common for brands to have a team that handles all social media-related tasks. So once you have your social media pages up and ready, it’s time to elaborate a policy that controls what they can post.

When writing a social media policy, there are a few things that you need to emphasize:


  • Your brand’s mission.  Before posting or sharing something, employees should ask how it can help or communicate the company’s mission.


  • Your brand’s voice.  To help build familiarity with your audience, establish a distinctive brand voice that your social media team can adhere to. This can be wacky, professional, edgy, and so forth.


  • Controversial content.  In general, avoid this.Controversial content isn’t worth the risk, so carefully categorize what constitutes it.


  • Internal processes.  Employees need to avoid disclosing sensitive information that must be kept within the company, so be clear what is off-limits.


  • Applicable industry rules and regulations.  This is pretty self-explanatory.


Employees can also play a major role in social media marketing as your very own powerful brand advocates, but just ensure you have your policy in place and communicate it to your team.

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