25 Cost Effective Ways to Promote your Small Business

25 Cost Effective Ways to Promote your Small Business

1) Learn how to ask for referrals  – and do it.

2) Learn how to tell prospective clients what you do.

3) Then learn the most likely places to find those clients – and go to those places.

4) Host free workshops or classes related to your products / services.

5) Create an innovative logo and headline for your business and use them on all your documents (including email).

6) Ensure you have a Corporate Brochure that encompasses all that you do.

7) Gain free publicity for your business by involving the media (including social media) in your grand openings, moves, or charity events.

8) Create a blog for your business.

9) Visit and comment on other blogs regularly. (Be smart; pick the ones your customers are likely to be visiting too.)

10) Develop a social media plan, and implement it. Developing a presence on social media can be great for low budget marketing.

11) Create a Facebook page for your business, and post regularly (great for targeting consumers)

12) Tweet about your business, on Twitter (great for targeting other businesses)

13) Allocate a small budget for social media advertising. (All the major platforms offer forms of inexpensive advertising, often with incredible targeting options.)

14) Create a video about your product or service and upload to YouTube – or even get your own YouTube channel up and running.

15) Become a radio guest.

16) Develop business partnerships and enter into cross-promotion with other businesses.

17) Send out promotions or marketing messages with your invoices.

18) Create an email newsletter.

19) Sponsor (or at least be a big part of) a community charitable event.

20) Join relevant face-to-face networking groups.

21) Join professional and / or business organisations.

22) Participate in local business mixers/trade fairs.

23) Apply for relevant business awards. Many business organizations choose top businesses each year, for example, and top businesses in particular categories such as Customer Service.

24) Learn how to create powerful sales presentations that persuades customers to buy.

25) Write articles on topics related to your business and encourage people to post them for free.

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